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                          Pastor: Dr. Sherwin R. Callwood, Sr.    407-421-9602 407-421-9602


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                                Head Elder: Derwood Clark



Email:         Phone:
Email: Phone:






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                                                     Head Deacon: Phillip Hannon






                                      Clerk: Peggy Roey           910-488-7525 910-488-7525




                       Community Services Leader: Judy Toney



Email:              Phone:910- 583-4886
Email: Phone:910- 583-4886






Sabbath School: 9:15 am (Saturdays)
Worship Service: 11:00 am (Saturdays)
Adventist Youth Service (AYS): one hour before sunset (Saturdays)
Prayer Meeting: 12:30 pm and 7:00 pm (Wednesdays)



2996 Rosehill Road
Fayetteville, NC  28301-2516

Phone: 910-488-7525






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