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                         Church Directory Photo Schedule:  According to Last Name


October 27       A-G

November 3     H-L

November 7     M-S

November 17   T-Z

November 24   Thanksgiving




December 1     Pastor

                           Adventurer Leader

                           AYS Leader

                           Children’s Ministry Leader

                           Community Services Leader


                           Elders (All)


December 8

                            Disability Leader

                            Family Life Leaders

                            Food Pantry Leader


                            Health Ministry Leader

                            Media Ministry Team

                            Men’s Ministry Leader

                            Music Ministry Leader

                            Pathfinders Leader

                            Personal Ministry Leader

                            Prayer Ministry Leader

                            Religious Liberty Leader

                            Seniors Ministry Leader

                            Services and Maintenance Dept

                                Safety Officer

                                Hospitality Leader


                                Van Drivers

                                Vehicle Maintenance


December 15

                            Singles Ministry Leader                        Deacons

                            Stewardship Leader                              Ushers

                            Women’s Ministry Leader

                            Sabbath School Department

                                 Superintendent (s)




All photo shoots will be after service.   Please come prepared to wait the Sabbath you are scheduled. Children must be accompanied by an adult.










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